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In the B4 article we share our top 5 tips for clever content marketing to help SMEs to maximise the value of high quality content across all marketing platforms. You can read the article in full here.

Why is content so important?

Content continues to be the most important element of online marketing whatever the size of a business or its marketing budget.  Why? Because life without access to a smart phone, computer or tablet is difficult to contemplate. We have access to information 24/7, wherever we are and on whatever device we have with us at that time. Digital and social media are part of everything that we do and play a key role in how we experience brands.


Customer engagement

Customer engagement is a critical feature of the buying process and firms now need multiple touch points to position their brand where their customers spend time, both on and off line, targeting them with relevant content to promote quality brand engagement and drive sales.


Brand awareness

Writing blogs and white papers and using them as a basis for social media posts and in newsletters is a cost effective way of building brand awareness. One piece of content can go a long way. A blog can be summarised in a newsletter, sentences from it can be used in Tweets, précis can be shared in Facebooks posts and links to the blog can be used in LinkedIn profiles and discussions. 


Content strategy

But as with all marketing, businesses need an effective content strategy to deliver the desired result, which requires an investment in time to research and write the right content for your target audience and to post it where they are most likely to read it.


Writing creative content

Over the years, Marketing Sense has worked with clients to drive their content strategy, acting as a catalyst to make sure that good, creative content is written on a regular basis. For many business owners identifying the right subject matter is one thing, finding the time to write a blog is quite another issue.  Bringing these together using the right tone of voice and then maximising the use of the content across different channels on a regular basis is the ultimate goal.


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