Are case studies the most valuable website content?

The answer is, of course, yes they most certainly are. After all, that’s the theory behind TripAdvisor – people want to read reviews before they book restaurants and hotels. The same is true for business websites with visitors wanting to read testimonials and to see who you have worked with before they purchase. Case studies give visitors confidence in your product or service; they help convince them that you are the right company to work with; and ultimately they can make the visitor into a buyer.

Case studies can also serve as a useful resource for the sales team to send with quotes and proposals either as a pdf format or as a link to the website. It is good to have a case study that illustrates each area of business that you do, so that on each page of your website there is a link to a relevant case study.

Of course, you could also look at creating video case studies that you can post on YouTube, have on your website and link to using social media. Video case studies need to be professionally filmed using an expert interviewer and once filmed they need to be edited into a long and a short version so that you can maximise the use of the content across different platforms.

Here are 4 questions that will provide you with good case study content:

  1. What does the customer’s business do?
  2. What was the challenge?
  3. What was your solution?
  4. What were the results?

Always include a short quote from the client that you can use as a testimonial – don’t forget to give their name, position and company.

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